Male chastity will change your life.

Better for Both Partners
Control His Mind
Access Denied
Control His Orgasms
Control Your Happiness
Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy
Keep Calm and Lock ON
Chastity & Pleasure
Chastity & Service
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Control His Orgasms
Now that his orgasms are yours, they can be finally be used wisely. By eliminating masturbation entirely, you make yourself his only hope of having an orgasm. By making sure he understands that unlocking will only occur when you decide, and that waiting for them is the whole idea, pleasing you becomes the focus of his sexual desires. When and if you do allow an orgasm, you can increase the psychological impact by supervising or stimulating the release in a setting that emphasizes your control and dominance. These events will become special to him, and serve to increase his association of you with his romantic and intimate desires. For best results, make certain your man is fully restrained anytime the belt is removed, and conduct all stimulation, if any, yourself, effectively denying him any contact with his penis, fully actualizing your ownership of his 'manhood' and his pleasure. You can also choose to give your man orgasms while still locked up by using a vibrator, an uncomfortable and humiliating method which mixes pleasure and pain, certain to help reduce his enthusiasm for his next orgasm. No matter which methods you use, your control over all aspects is what matters the most.

Masturbation Not Allowed


Beg For It

Not Allowed To Touch

Hands On Control

Keep Him Humble

Non-Orgasmic Ejaculation

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