Male chastity will change your life.

Better for Both Partners
Control His Mind
Access Denied
Control His Orgasms
Control Your Happiness
Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy
Keep Calm and Lock ON
Chastity & Pleasure
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Nothing Worth Doing is Easy
Men may not have the strength of a woman, or be able to endure what she can, but every man is capable of enduring much more than he probably knows. Just like training to climb mountains or run races, chastity is training, only it is training to become a better partner and a stronger man. It is not supposed to be easy, and it requires endurance, commitment, and physical discomfort. The reward for him is a happy and loving partner, an improved disposition, personal and spiritual growth, and to become a truly strong man. As he becomes used to the device, his discomfort will decrease, and his initially painful nocturnal erections will stop over time. Chastity can turn an adult boy into a real man, and make a real man into woman's dream, isn't that worth a little pain in the balls?

Women Helping Men Better Themselves

Women's Fun & Happiness Is Worth It

Adopt, Adapt, & Accept

Body Pains & Sleeping

It's All In His Head

Not Designed For Comfort

Frustration Is The Point

Blue Balls

Just Give It More Time

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