Male chastity will change your life.

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Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy
Keep Calm and Lock ON
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Keep Calm and Lock ON
It can be difficult at times to see the partner you love struggling with discomfort and desire, so you must do your part by staying strong! When this occurs simply remember that this is better for you, better for him, and think of all the rewards that chastity has already brought you, and this will pass. The rest of the time you will not only be loving the rewards, but the idea of chastity itself. You will probably find out it is something you truly enjoy. You will also discover that your man is not quite as obedient, attentive, and helpful after the orgasms you allow him. For both these reasons you will likely find yourself naturally extending the duration between orgasms. He is always capable of going longer, he just doesn't want to. You will be doing him a favor by helping him overcome his lack of will power and self control. Once you start to love keeping him locked, and to love the discomfort and denial he endures for you, you can discover that the benefits only increase the longer he stays locked.

Weighing The Options



How Much Longer?

Seasonal & Semiannual

Over 6 Months

If He Isn't Broken, Don't Unlock Him



Don't Let Your Hard Work Be Ruined

Getting Him Off Orgasms

Permanent Denial

Keep Calm & Choose Wisely

Permanent Denial & Keeping Hope Alive

Reasons For Permanent Denial

No Male Orgasms Ever

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