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Chastity makes your man susceptible to your control, and denial retrains his mind, but to truly melt his mind and melt away his resistance, no part of chastity is more effective than teasing. No matter what duration you are allowing your man between orgasms, the more you tease and deny, the more influential that period of chastity will be on your man's mind. Teasing him while in chastity will make him more humble, more horny, and more pliable. Teasing him while unlocked, without allowing him to come to orgasm will blow his mind, and make him putty in your hands. You can also give your man stimulation and pleasure this way without ruining all the valuable progress he has made in not having orgasms. This can allow you to reward his good behavior without reducing his obedience, servitude, and eagerness to please you. If you choose, you can also achieve powerful teasing with minimal effort by dressing sexier, or wearing less clothes around the house. What would drive him wild before will now drive him that much further into the palm of your hands.

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