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Dress and Chastity

Time spent in chastity will help him learn quickly to dress how you want. There is no more complete and fetching outfit for a man to wear around the house than a chastity belt. It is a constant reminder to you of his devotion and sacrifice, while his nudity reinforces in his mind his status as your humble devotee. Many women also enjoy keeping their chastity boys in pretty outfits around the home. Now that he is your sex object, why shouldn't he be the one to wear the sexy, frilly, scanty, or girly clothes women are encouraged to wear for men's benefit, for your benefit? No matter how you decide to keep your man dressed at home, it is a good idea to consider panties, and possibly bras and stockings, for your man's day to day wear. Switching from men's underwear to panties helps to soften and humble the man's mind, and keep him focused on being sweet and sexy for you. The soft grip of his panties on his locked up balls will provide a light stimulation which will help increase his general arousal and his association of pleasure with thinking of you. At work, in public, with his friends, a man in chastity belt and panties is always wearing the uniform of your devotee.


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