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More of a factor than you might think.

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Pegging safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before pegging.

Dress and Pegging

Pegging your man will also help him accept his new dress code, and his new role in general. Stripping your man down before his peggings helps to reinforce his vulnerability and submission. Dressing your man up before his peggings helps to reinforce his role reversal and his status as a sex object. Now that you are doing the penetrating, he should be wearing the sexy outfits for you. Women are so often encouraged by society to dress up pretty and sexy to attract a man to stick it in them, so it seems most appropriate to have your man do the same for you. Clothes that are supposed to be for Ladies to look sweet and sexy will help him get in the mindset to be taken by you, and to accept what is coming to him.

Panties & Plugs

Dress & Oral Pegging

Dress, Gender, & Pegging

Dressing The Part

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