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Following your clothing directives is a privilege not a punishment. Your dress preferences should be universal, or at least followed to the greatest extent possible. Your man should be still picking out his own clothes, and dressing in a style that matches his personality, outside of your home. His underwear should be entirely your domain. His dress at your home should be practical, and often situational. If you have friends or relatives over, or kids, some considerations must of course be observed. Whenever possible, it will have the best and most productive effect on his mind to have him dressed in his 'home wear' or no wear at all times. If you are firm and unwavering about chastity and his dress, you will be able to be relaxed and not strict about most other things in life without reducing your control or his obedience. Listed here are some duration suggestions based on the styles discussed.

Panties for His Underwear in Public
Duration: 24/7 when not at home.

Panties at Home - Naked - Dress & Skirt - Classic Costume
Which ever day to day home style you choose, he should be wearing it at all times for you at home, unless there are unusual people over, or you have told him to wear something else for a time. Duration: As much as possible.

Great for housework situations, or for entertaining your girlfriends who are 'in the know', but unless you really love this style, not for all times. Duration: As seems fitting.

Men's Wear
Unless you absolutely prefer it at all times, this style is best when there are visitors over that aren't appropriate for sharing your ways of life with, or children. He can still look smart for you dressed up nice, as his dress reflects on your leadership. Duration: When appropriate.

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