Enjoy Your Pleasure

Enjoy the many fruits of his chastity!

Positive Reinforcement
The Attention You Deserve
Extra Pleasure
Train While You Play
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Positive Reinforcement
Now that you have him eating out of your hand, you can get down to the business of having him eating out of any other part of you that you wish. You can have the kind of sex life, and other personal attention, you deserve and have always wanted, one focused entirely on your orgasms and pleasure. You now have the power to receive sexual attention of any kind as often as you like, and you will be positively reinforcing your entire training program as you enjoy. Don't hold back, take full advantage of his constant arousal and new found focus on pleasing you. If he doesn't already appreciate all the time he will be spending up close and personal with your body, he is definitely going to learn to.

Relax & Enjoy

Chastity, Dominance, & Pleasure

Oral Pleasures

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