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Train While You Play
With your man locked, you are probably being very fulfilled by enjoying his oral or anal stimulation, your vibrators and toys. With all this satisfaction, and knowing the many benefits of denying him orgasms, many women find they have left penis in vagina sex behind entirely, a situation which makes serious chastity training all the easier. For other women, they still enjoy this kind of stimulation at times. Your chastity boy can be fitted with strapon dildos on his face or over his chastity belt, allowing you to ride him for your enjoyment without jeopardizing all your progress keeping him locked. The psychological impact of these activities on him will also serve to emphasize the lessons your training have been teaching him. If all this pleasure still isn't enough for you, you have the key to unlock his cock, it is yours to use as you see fit. If he is going to be granted the indulgence of an orgasm, there is no better use for it than in the service of your enjoyment. No matter what activities bring you sexual fulfillment, your trained man should be willing and eager to help make your pleasures a reality.

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