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Enjoy Responsibly
Yes, you can make your man give you pleasure endlessly, but you might want to keep a few things in mind. You want your man to enjoy pleasuring you, even crave it. Making him work far past what he can handle will not encourage this. You also want quality over quantity, and it is better that your man learns how to please you right before learning how to do it all day. Get him some literature, there is plenty for him to learn about mouth exercises and positions that will make it easy on him to keep things going longer and longer. The flip side is, with chastity, you can push your man to new levels of endurance. Teach him different approaches for different times, in bed during love making you might want him to get more vigorous. If you are relaxing reading a book, watching TV, or using your phone, you might want him to go slow and pace himself so you he can give you stimulation throughout your activity.

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