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He Will Learn to Love It
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Pegging safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before pegging.

He Will Learn to Love It
Take your role reversal to whole new levels by training your man to take anal penetration from you. Now that you are in control, are the head of the relationship, and 'wear the pants', you can also take the lead and get on top in your sex life. At first it will be uncomfortable and humiliating for him, seriously enhancing your other training, and getting inside his mind in a powerful way. Overtime it will become more and more pleasurable for him, and he will enjoy the intimacy of giving up control to you, further rewiring his brain to a mindset of submission. You will enjoy the feeling of power, the control that comes from giving him stimulation and agony simultaneously. Pegging can be all fun and games, an excellent workout, a simple and effective male training tool, a great way for you to relieve stress, a great way to literally stick it to the man, and even an orgasmic experience for you. It all depends on how you do it and how you use it.

Opening Him Up To It

Pegging Is Dominance

Pegging Is Useful & Beneficial

Pegging For Better Relationships

Loving It

The Art Of Pegging

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