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Whether they are spoken or unspoken, listed or simply known, a woman always has rules for her man. In a FLR, those rules are not only unquestioned, they are more important and unbreakable than ever. You don't need to be told what those rules are, they are yours to make, and only you know what rules are right for you. Keep them simple at first, you can always add more over time. For women with their men in chastity, so much more is possible in terms of rules and controlling their men. Presented here are some common types of rules, some more basic and some more advanced, that you might wish to include in your rule book. As always, remember that the more you dominate, the more his submission, and the greater the rewards.

That you are in full control of chastity key, his penis, and his releases is a most basic and essential rule. All other rules flow from this basic principle. While some women still permit masturbation, most do not, and eliminating it entirely is an extremely common rule. Another common rule is not to let your man out of chastity unless he is in your presence and supervision, to prevent any possibility of masturbation. Even a good man who has been denied will try to sneak masturbation, so be very careful about letting him out. Many women only allow the cage to come off when his hands or more are bound, which is the safest and most demeaning rule, conferring on you the most benefits and power. For more ideas about chastity rules, see the chastity duration section.

Obedience will come naturally from chastity, but even if at first it is not a rule, it is best to use chastity and his love and devotion to make this an official rule at the first opportunity. Once obedience to you is the rule, all aspects of your training and happy FLR will come faster.

Keep your man's private areas shaved and clean. Making it a rule enhances the mental effect of your rule over his privates. This rule also makes him appear neater and more beautiful, while simultaneously making him feel more 'emasculated' and more of a sex object. Pubic hairs getting caught in the chastity belt is one of the main sources of chastity belt discomfort, so removing all hair is also a great kindness for your chastity boy.

Wearing panties outside of the home is an excellent and highly recommended common rule. Wearing panties and male chastity go hand in hand. Men who are made to wear panties for their underwear are far easier to control and make to submit. For more information see the underwear section and the dress styles section. Once your man is in chastity and panties, it is a great idea to require shaving. Panties will already be giving his caged balls a smooth and stimulating feeling, and shaving will increase that effect. If it suits your training style and his progress, requiring regular anal plugs are also an excellent compliment to chastity and panties.

Nudity Rules
Control of his dress in your home is very important to controlling your man. A rule of nudity in the home is a simple and effective way to make him feel exposed, powerless and servile. For more information, see the CFNM section and the dress styles section.

Dress Rules
Rules about dress are essential to total control of your man. Just as effective as nudity is giving him pretty outfits or a cute uniform to wear at home, either for full time wear or for at specific times or functions. For more information, see the homewear section and the dress styles section.

Bow Down
When you have advanced a bit in his chastity training, you can begin to require him to kneel before you, either in specific situations or even at all times. Some women do not allow their men to use furniture without permission. Most dominant women prefer to have at least a rule about kneeling when greeting. Kneeling and positions are a more advanced but extremely useful training method.

Leash Laws
Once a woman has fully trained and dominated her man, he becomes also her 'slave'. It is at this point that man men are collared, and made to always wear the collar, at least at home as a permanent symbol of their devotion. Collars are also a useful place to attach you leash or chain, and you can establish rules to suit these purposes. For more information see the leash section.

Speech Restriction
Rules about speech restrictions aren't universal, but are still common. This can range from specific words to times of required silence. Some men talk to much, usually for no good reason, and rules can help to correct this. Even for the many men that do not, when their wife is speaking to them men should remain silent and listen. Men should listen more and speak less, and your rules combined with your other training will teach him how to properly act.

Once you are in control of the relationship, you can use rules to correct any behavior of his that you do not like. You can also help him become a better man by rules that will lead to self-improvement.

Role Reversal
Many FLR lead to total 'role-reversal' of traditional relationships, either intentionally or by effect. For those who eventually choose this path, a chastity boy can be denied orgasms entirely, a most effective and overpowering way to go. Many women with chastity boys create rules to disallow penetration of any kind other than pegging. Over time, men under these rules will learn to accept and enjoy this kind of stimulation and leave behind old style sex entirely. This can be achieved without compromising his health, obedience, or even happiness. For more information see the milking section.

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