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Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking.

Change His Mind
Once your man has accepted your chastity control, and submitted to your spankings, a new opportunity for growth, obedience, and happiness awaits both partners. You can directly influence your man's way of thinking by applying relaxed, hypnotic like situations, combined with immobility and repetitive spanking. You can target specific behavior, or general attitude, by repeating a simple, memorable phrase as you apply the technique. Continue with as little interruption or deviation as possible, as far past his comfort level as possible, and you should observe a direct conditioned response to your training. For best results, reinforce your lesson by multiple sessions. This is a strong method for performance improvement, self improvement, behavior modification, and emotional release. It can also be a powerful tool for stress reduction, both in the mind of your man and on your relationship as a whole. You need not use this method to correct behavior, or to indoctrinate, as it is just as effective in teaching positives as it is negatives. This is not brainwashing, or some holywood version of mind control, so don't expect your man to become mindless. You can expect him to reflect deeply about himself, examine his own goals and motivations, and to begin to change his own mind about his actions or attitudes.

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