Female Supremacy

You can't stop progress!

Female Supremacy Rising
Female Supremacy for Women 2
Female Supremacy for Men 2
Female Supremacy in the Patriarchy 2
Gynarchy Dawning 2 3
Fashion in the Gynarchy 2 3
Gender Roles in the Gynarchy 2 3
Politics & Law in the Gynarchy
Family in the Gynarchy
Boys in the Gynarchy
Growing Up in the Gynarchy
High School in the Gynarchy
Young Adults in the Gynarchy 2
College in the Gynarchy 2
Relationships in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Marriage in the Gynarchy 2 3
Occupations in the Gynarchy 2
State Service in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Life in the Gynarchy 2
Home Life in the Gynarchy 2 3
Public Life in the Gynarchy 2
Society in the Gynarchy 2 3
Culture in the Gynarchy 2
The World of Gynarchy 2 3 4

Female Supremacy Rising
Not every woman believes in female supremacy, so embracing it as a philosophy isn't going to be for everyone, but is certainly an idea worth considering. Perhaps you prefer an environment of gender equality, and are content with your man as your devoted servant. This is entirely up to your preference, but if one gender is to be regarded as superior, it should always be female. Nevertheless, the modern woman should already be keenly aware that women are for the most part, the stronger gender - more emotionally balanced, stable, compassionate, and sensible. Matriarchy has existed through human history, but was rarely embraced by a society as a whole. Female supremacy, however, is totally natural, and more psychologically and biologically suited to our species. In general, men wish to be led and ruled, but act in society in a contrary fashion. They look for leaders and movements to follow because they aren't getting the discipline and control they crave from their Lady. Gender roles in our society are largely geared towards reinforcing the patriarchy of the recent centuries, encouraging arrogant, rebellious, selfish, and superior attitudes among men, creating a most unnatural and unnecessary unbalance. You can help to reverse this in society, and undo the harmful ideas your man was exposed to, by removing his pretense of power and uniting him with the will of the feminine he so fundamentally desires to satisfy. Helping to make the world a better place for all is just one of the additional benefits of making men the slaves of women.

Patriarchy Is History

Business & Education

Female Leadership

Divine Feminine Aspect

The Superior Sex

Femdom Future

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Men Can Be Trained

Victory Is At Hand

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