Female Supremacy

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Female Supremacy Rising
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Female Supremacy for Women
Female supremacy is all about what is best for women because what is best for women is best for society and humankind itself. Women are the givers of life, a child's first teacher, nurturers of culture, and the treasured cornerstone of any sane society. From an early age, all men have ingrained desire to look up to, feel connected to, and receive the favor of the feminine. The primary reason males develop so many of their supposed traits is due to an early desire for unending female attention. Oneness with the feminine is so totally desired by young boys, that they will forever feel on some level unfulfilled without some measure of connection to it. When men reach puberty, the great majority of them are 'straight', and for those men a whole new dimension of desire for the feminine arises. It is literally wired into their genes to locate a woman, perform for her, provide value for her, and attempt to satisfy her. All want on some level to find a woman he would wish to give of himself for, to adore, and thus to be made vulnerable by. It couldn't be simpler for women, simply give men the female leadership and power they desire. True, some men will be so shell-shocked by their initial loss of the feminine embrace of youth that they will forever cling to the desire to compensate by being relationship and sexually dominant, that they will never be able to get in touch with their deepest desires for this. Still others have a unique psychology and aren't interested enough in sexual drives to be so easily drawn to the feminine. Others more in great numbers are 'gay', and while many gay men have healthier connections to the feminine than repressed straight men, their desire to connect with the sexual aspect of desire for female supremacy is naturally far less potent. Since men, aware of it or not, acknowledge women's superiority, and women know they are really the ones running the show, embracing female privilege rather than denying it is just coming to terms with reality. It is only right that women get to openly celebrate their natural entitlement. The patriarchy is trying very hard to keep superior women from proudly celebrating their strength, power, and superiority. This is because the patriarchy is desperate, knowing its unnatural and unhealthy reign is dying a slow but inevitable death. It has harmed the world and brought a constant cycle of unnecessary suffering to mankind. Now that the rise of the sensible, compassionate, and beautiful world of female authority is beginning to flower, the prospects for everyone's future are a lot brighter.

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