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Female Supremacy for Men
Straight men, on a fundamental level have a pre-sexual and post-sexual desire for female dominance. Women around the world and across the centuries have used this, in part, or in force, to dominate, control, and manipulate men. Some men respond to this without any sexual component, but the greater part of men respond negatively whenever they become aware that this is happening. For most of these men, what is lacking is an equal measure of female dominance of their sexual world. Men have two great unfulfilled chasms within that can only be filled with the feminine. Not to give the same amount of energy and female attention to one or the other will not bring that craved fulfillment. Even those men that respond positively to female bossiness will be that much more fulfilled by dominance that stimulates their man drives as well as their boy drives. They will also be that much more easily dominated this way. That is why male chastity belts are the center focus of female dominance in a personal relationship, and in future society. There is no single better way to integrate your non-sexual and sexual control, and it's constant presence means you are stimulating both of his drives at all times. This is also why the importance of male dress and clothing is featured so prominently, since it is also present at all times, and deeply interconnected to sexuality, eroticism, life roles, and status. Remember always that patriarchal society has planted seeds of selfishness, rebelliousness, and self-importance in even the best of men. This total over-concentration of the masculine in men is hopelessly unfulfilling to the male, and is the cause of a great many of the world's problems, from interpersonal to global. You can help to reverse this in society, and undo the silly ideas your man was exposed to by 'emasculating' him. Take away all his 'manly' clothes, grooming, sex, and way of life, and you can begin to restore the natural balance of the masculine and the feminine in him, and in your relationship. No matter if your personality is strict or relaxed, no matter what your interests, your style, or your way of life, having full control of your man will bring a closeness and fulfillment unlike any other. When women and men can embrace this together, openly, the societal pressure for men to resist female dominance will diminish and eventually fade away.

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