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Female Supremacy in the Patriarchy
As the patriarchy dies its slow death, and before the gynarchy arises, female supremacy is found everywhere, but is mostly private, low-key, or subtly displayed. Female supremacy is, however, practiced in female led relationships, among like-minded individuals, in female led societies, femdom clubs, and widely among people who don't label it as such. As women realize more they can have it all in relationships, female led relationships become more and more common. As women achieve economic success and even dominance, female heads of household are becoming a fact of life. As women everywhere feel free and empowered to speak their opinion, more and more realize that they don't need to care about any man's opinion. Men begin to learn that they have no place offering their opinions to women unless they are asked to. The patriarchy teaches men that it is right as a man that women should listen to what they have to say, when this is in reality totally backwards. On the contrary, it is men who have a great deal more to learn from women, and would do everyone a favor if they started keeping their mouth shut more often and actually listen to what women have to say. Every day, more are more men are being introduced to the great benefits of total female supremacy. Female dominance can mean a man simply submits to his Lady. Female supremacy means that a man submits to all women. That does not mean that he should obey every woman as he obeys his Lady. It does mean that he need recognize the superiority of all women, and should treat every woman with the same respect, deference, and humility he shows to his Lady. The more men learn and embrace this philosophy, the more it will become part of the culture, and the matriarchy will finally be within our grasp.

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