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Fashion in the Gynarchy
Among the earliest signs of the gynarchy will be the decline of men wearing pants. This will prove to be one of the gynarchy's most important cultural developments, as it will speed along and solidify the rise of female supremacy in society. The change will happen as women in relationships stop allowing their men to wear pants, single men begin desiring their new clothing options, and over time as designers and clothing companies stop making pants for men. This will make the new world order highly visible, allowing gynarchy prone men to embrace and promote the changes in society, and helping resistant men accept, embody, and internalize their new roles and positions. While women's fashion will still include a huge variety of clothing choices, there will naturally be some shifts to styles that reflect women's power, domination, and authority. This will mean more business and professional looks, more pants in general, more boots, and more intimidating looks. However women will still choose all the styles they enjoy, and as their sexuality is a huge part of their dominance and control of men, there may be an increase in sexy and revealing styles, with women choosing options that highlight and celebrate the female form. Despite shifts in popularity of styles, women will choose any fashion styles they like, and women will choose a wide range of choices just as they do today. The effect of gynarchy fashion on other aspects of society will be manifold, as it visibly reiterates the primary basis of the new society - the enhancement of women's privilege, and the removal of male privilege. Let the benefits begin!

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Women's Fashion in the Gynarchy


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