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Fashion in the Gynarchy - Part 2

Common Clothing Styles For Women (continued)

Men's Fashion in the Gynarchy
Cultural pressure, economic factors, desire to train, and gynarchist teachings will all increasingly lead women in relationships to stop allowing their men to wear pants. Men not in relationships will either begin to desire exploring their new clothing options, or find themselves increasingly limited in options over time as designers and clothing companies stop making pants for men. Males will not only be freed from responsibility of leadership, they will also be freed from the dress styles of the patriarchy. Unlike women's fashion, men's fashion will change radically. It wasn't long ago in history that men wore silk stockings, heels, dresses, skirts, blouses and garters. All of these will be making a comeback, along with modern styles for dressing men cute, pretty, dolled-up for women's enjoyment, scantily, or easily exposed. Male nudity, or near nudity, in chastity of course, will be an option which at first will only be selected by a minority of women, or only at specific times or for specific purposes. Over time, however, total male nudity will become common place, and in places where the weather permits, may even be more popular than women choosing clothes for their men. The one thing that unites all male clothing options in the gynarchy is the essential principle of gynarchist fashion - the enhancement of women's privilege, and the removal of male privilege.

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Men's Lingerie

Common Clothing Styles For Men

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