Female Supremacy

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Female Supremacy Rising
Female Supremacy for Women 2
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Female Supremacy in the Patriarchy 2
Gynarchy Dawning 2 3
Fashion in the Gynarchy 2 3
Gender Roles in the Gynarchy 2 3
Politics & Law in the Gynarchy
Family in the Gynarchy
Boys in the Gynarchy
Growing Up in the Gynarchy
High School in the Gynarchy
Young Adults in the Gynarchy 2
College in the Gynarchy 2
Relationships in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Marriage in the Gynarchy 2 3
Occupations in the Gynarchy 2
State Service in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Life in the Gynarchy 2
Home Life in the Gynarchy 2 3
Public Life in the Gynarchy 2
Society in the Gynarchy 2 3
Culture in the Gynarchy 2
The World of Gynarchy 2 3 4

Boys in the Gynarchy
As discussed in the previous section, boys in the gynarchy will learn their social cues, attitudes towards gender, sexuality, and behaviors from the family and those around them growing up. Boys will learn that they are valuable, special, and cared for, at the same time learning to give respect, attention, love and devotion towards females. Boys will also learn great discipline, good behavior, and cultivate humility from an early age. Their father or other male figures in their lives, including brothers if they have them, will provide an example of obedience and service that young boys will seek to emulate. Mothers will teach boys to expect spanking, to live without stigmas about the human body, to dress pretty, to focus on being courtly and elegant, and to exhibit passive and pleasant behavior. Boys will have plenty of chores and things to do, but will also, have fun, their own interests, play in athletics and games. Boys will be heavily encouraged to involve their young boys in dance and gymnastics, to give boys an outlet for their energy that incorporates fitness, discipline, artistry, and elegance. It is best to keep boys away from most competitive sports, especially contact sports, until they are a good deal older and already have well established behaviors and dispositions. The most important thing is that boys spend all of their time in their formative years under female supervision, be it time with their mother, grandmother, or aunt, or time spent with their sister or sisters, other women in the community, or other young girls. Boys should not spend time with just other boys where they can learn or develop bad habits or ideas from each other, or establish hierarchies amongst themselves. If they are kept away from such possible influences in the early years, nearly all boys will grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive members of the gynarchy.

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Boys In The Gynarchy

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