Female Supremacy

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College in the Gynarchy
College will have more women than men. Men with talent in art, music, science, technology, medicine, engineering, and other intellectual fields will still attend university, but many men will not attend college simply to get a degree of some kind, since the majority of opportunities for men will not require any college education. There will be no need for men in business school, law school, political science, communications, or civics, and with women filling all these roles in society, the majority of girls will be in college to get a degree to enter the many available positions out there for them. College life for girls will be in many ways the same as it is today, but for boys it will be far from it. There will be no fraternities, and no dorms or student housing for boys. There will be student housing for girls, but sororities will be larger institutions, and usually comprise the majority of female students. Sororities will be different in many ways from today, and will also have much larger facilities. The college boys will be divided up and housed at the sororities, where they will spend much of their non-academic time serving the ladies of their house. This will keep them in close touch with female authority and keep them humble while they are bettering themselves through education. This will also keep their discipline and academics on track, as they will be assigned on of the ladies of the house as their supervisor, to manage their schedule, making sure they are devoted to school, get their homework done, have enough study time, and also get their chores done and have time to interact and have fun at house events. College shouldn't be all work for boys, and they will have regular weekly times and nights off, providing ample opportunity to meet and date college girls, make new friends, participate in interests, and have fun. All the same, there will be many layers of female authority around to keep them on the right path. Women will be enjoying the freedom, fun, and responsibility of college, and generally succeeding at it, just as it is today.

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