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Marriage in the Gynarchy
Most heterosexual marriages in the patriarchy are female dominated, although that domination is often subtle, unspoken, or otherwise framed to placate the male ego. In the gynarchy, this very normal state will be institutionalized, openly acknowledged, and legally enshrined. Women in female-male marriages are for the most part the full legal owners of their husbands, and enjoy a number of privileges in regards to their male property. These ownership rights include a wide range of powers, such as power of attorney, full power over property and finances, medical procedures, body modification, dress and appearance, chastity belt key, right to orgasm control, right to spank, right to use of body, right to unlimited sexual access, and right to enforce obedience. Unlike options for breaking off a relationship with a girlfriend, options for divorce instituted by a male are extremely limited, though not entirely impossible. Essentially, marriage is a permanent ownership situation, unless one partner passes away, or the woman institutes divorce. There is nothing in society requiring men or women to get married, and thus marriage is simply a beautiful, total, and legal affirmation of the devotion of a man to a woman, and of the dedicated mastery of a man by a woman. Married men can expect to be as busy, controlled, and limited as their wives choose, or don't choose, and obviously this is something they should have a good sense about what to expect before they enter into marriage. Married women can expect that they have full power to alter the nature of their life, relationship, and how time is spent, as they please, and in the state of marriage have even less concern about enforcing changes upon their male partners than they do when dating or in a committed relationship. Every woman is a queen of her relationship, and absolute ruler in her own home, and thus the vast majority of women have a throne, a seat of any kind that is kept in the home as a symbol of their rule. As royalty, wives can dictate as they please as much or as little rules of behavior in their presence and in their home upon their husbands. In essence a married man is an active extension of his wife's life and person, and is expected to act as such according to her likes, personality, commands, and wishes.


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