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State Service in the Gynarchy
While many men will choose employment as unskilled labor, or be degree holding skilled workers, other men will choose a more selfless path. These days large numbers of men choose military service, join humanitarian organizations, or become members of communal groups. In the gynarchy, female-led societies will streamline male state service to the public into a single position. Men pledge service for short, medium, or long term commitments to female-led societies which are officially part of the state service, chiefly the FSU. While enlisted, they will receive all their necessities, participate in a vibrant community, and spend their time giving selflessly for the good of everyone. With so few social and economic deficiencies in the gynarchy, female-led societies will easily fill all the gaps, with ample time and resources left over to constantly find new ways to make the world even better than it already is. Female-led society workers will function as free temporary workers, short-notice housekeepers for members, maintainers of public spaces, charity and non-profit event workers, public events staff, and any other useful and reasonable function that has any connection to social betterment. While deployment for work in the field is a regular and significant part of state service, the majority of a soldier's time is spent serving at the society, and while this does include a good deal of work, training, and discipline, it also includes a great deal of fun, pleasure, and interesting novelty. Each chapter of the FSU is not only the local base for the FSU State Service, it is also the headquarters of the local FSU Party, as well as a semi-public club for any local women who wish to be regular members, attend events, and contribute to the society in one fashion or another. This means that beyond the Mistresses and leadership of the State Service, the society is usually a hive of activity full of women society members engaged in a wide variety of activities. In addition, the society is an open club for all it's members, as well as any women FSU members from other chapters. It is likely that the majority of women will belong to at least one society, and more than likely the majority of women will be associated with the FSU in one way or another. Women members will be constantly taking advantage of the facilities for leisure, including but not limited to socializing, relaxation, food service, boot or shoe cleaning, massage, spa experiences, utilizing the soldiers for torment, enjoyment, or pleasure, attending parties and functions, and other reasonable activities of their chosing. As a result, the soldier's life includes intersesting and stimulating interactions with a wide cross-section of local society, as well as training them to a level of endurance, stamina, and precision they were unlikely to reach on their own. Men in female-led societies enjoy the active and woman filled world of the society, affording them the opportunity to serve women generally, something some men will seek for a time, and some devote to their entire lives.

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