Female Supremacy

You can't stop progress!

Female Supremacy Rising
Female Supremacy for Women 2
Female Supremacy for Men 2
Female Supremacy in the Patriarchy 2
Gynarchy Dawning 2 3
Fashion in the Gynarchy 2 3
Gender Roles in the Gynarchy 2 3
Politics & Law in the Gynarchy
Family in the Gynarchy
Boys in the Gynarchy
Growing Up in the Gynarchy
High School in the Gynarchy
Young Adults in the Gynarchy 2
College in the Gynarchy 2
Relationships in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Marriage in the Gynarchy 2 3
Occupations in the Gynarchy 2
State Service in the Gynarchy 2 3 4
Life in the Gynarchy 1 2
Home Life in the Gynarchy 2 3
Public Life in the Gynarchy 2
Society in the Gynarchy 2 3
Culture in the Gynarchy 2
The World of Gynarchy 2 3 4

Life in the Gynarchy
The world of gynarchy will be very much the same as the world today, only so much better in so many ways. As the gynarchy develops, and culture changes to fit the interests and mentalities of the women and men living in the society, there will be fundamental shifts in popular art, entertainment, sports, public life, home life, and interpersonal relationships. As total female dominance becomes generational, younger generations will be so totally immersed in the culture that it would be hard to imagine what life was like before the gynarchy. Ask young people of today if they had a choice would they prefer to live in medieval society, or in the society of the 1870s. Most with any knowledge of what life was like for most people in those time periods would find those societies to be fraught with social problems, injustice, and misery, and would not prefer to live in such a world. Those living in the realized gynarchy will likely have a similar view of the late-20th and early 21st centuries, and few would see the 'loss' of some 'rights' for men as a worthy excuse for the barbarism, excesses, and miseries of the patriarchal world. True, men will be in some ways second-class citizens in the gynarchy, but the world filled with the love, beauty, and compassion of female leadership will not be something many men would be interested in giving up. Most men will be far too concerned with the happiness of the women in their lives, whom they care for deeply, to worry themselves with such backwards notions anyway.

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