Female Supremacy

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Home Life in the Gynarchy
Home is where the heart is, and it is also where the fruits of gynarchic life are best enjoyed. At home women are royalty, enjoying the pleasure of dominance, relaxation, being waited on hand and foot, and sexual and sensual activities. For men home life differs greatly depending on the woman who is the Lady of the home, and the personalities and proclivities of the other women who reside there or who visit. This can mean it is a place of even greater restriction and control than their lives outside the home. While this is true for all men at home to a greater or lesser degree, home is also a place where men enjoy their greatest freedom. Men in a relationship can have their chastity belts taken off as often as their keyholder permits, which may for some even include the ability to touch or handle their uncaged penis. Depending on their woman's needs, moods, and approach to dominanace, they may also enjoy greater freedoms of dress, use of their time, and personal expression. Of course, even with the most permissive women, men will be wise to keep them happy and to remain obedient if they wish to continue to enjoy the latitudes they are granted.

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The Domestication Of The Male

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