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Control His Orgasms
Ruined orgasms are a tricky but very useful tool in orgasm control. Ruining is both an art and a science. Depending on the method you use to ruin his orgasms, it will probably take some practice before you get it right. In theory, ruined orgasms are non-orgasmic ejaculations, but in practice, they are more often semi-orgasmic. The most basic idea is to remove stimulation just before climax, which removes the majority of sensation necessary to achieve a proper orgasm. The results may vary, depending on the man, the circumstances, and your execution. More successful ruining methods usually employ the testicles, either by administering an impact to the balls at the point of climax, or by properly pulling on the balls at said point. The benefit of ruining orgasms is that they aren't proper frustration relieving orgasms. Some, if not much, of his pent up horny energy that was benefiting you and your training is preserved. Much less time will be required before his behavior and attentiveness return to the level they were at before you allowed him to get off. If done just right, you can totally remove all sensation of orgasm, and your man will remain totally frustrated as you lock him back into his chastity cage. He gets to shoot off, just like you said he would, and you don't have to lose anything. Remember, counting on this method to prevent orgasm is not a guarantee, even for the experienced. If you really want to make sure he doesn't orgasm, there's no substitute for keeping him locked.

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