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Control His Orgasms
Locked Stimulation
The only way to be certain your man shoots off but does not orgasm at all is to leave him locked in his cage. Climaxing while in a chastity cage is an uncomfortable and humiliating experience which mixes pleasure and pain, and produces little to no orgasmic feelings. When a man gets horny in his cage long enough, it is usually easy to achieve this simply by rubbing his balls until he goes over the edge. Men in chastity will sometimes stimulate themselves too much due to their high levels of sexual arousal, and it always teaches them a hard lesson about touching your things. When replacing his regular ejaculations with locked stimulation, no method is easier and more effective than applying a vibrator to his cage. He will have no ability to resist reaching his unfortunate climax, and the vibration as he shoots off makes the experience even more intense. This is by no means the most popular method, but some women do choose it for more advanced training. Replacing his orgasms with locked stimulation is very useful for women seeking to reduce or eliminate orgasms altogether. The experience is almost certain to help reduce his enthusiasm for his next 'orgasm'. It is also a fun and effective way to assert and maintain greater dominance, teaching him the extent of your control, and the value of enduring discomfort for your amusement or happiness.

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