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Always On Duty
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Always on Duty
When your man goes out into the world, he will need to be dressed, but he can still be dressed as your loving devotee underneath his clothes. Encourage your man to be sexy, soft, sweet, and in touch with the feminine by teaching him to always dress the part. Get rid of his boring male underwear, they are nothing but a reminder of his days when he lived for his own self centered interests. His new panties will instead be a reminder of his role, your desire for him to be sexy for you, the intimacy of your connection, and your total control over him. They are also a constant reminder of how much you care about his sexuality, and will make him feel loved, valued, and desired. He should think of himself as your personal version of Superman. He is dressed as mild-mannered average guy, but underneath his clothes he is always dressed and ready to spring into action. When he is called for, he is instantly ready to throw off his clothes and reveal himself as your superhero, strong and ready to do whatever he must to serve. If he doesn't see it this way, you can still use your chastity advantage to get him into them anyway, and some humiliation sometimes helps. Making a bit of fun of his penis size, his 'emasculated' position as your chastity boy, or how he is afraid of a pair of panties, and not tough enough to wear panties and still be a man. It is really a very small and easy think to do to make you happy, not to mention entertain you endlessly. He will become used to them before he knows it, and will almost certainly come to love it.

Get Into Them

Going Out

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Proper Gentlemen

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