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How should your man be dressed under his clothes, and how should your man be dressed, or not, at home - exactly the way you want him. It is a very small thing to simply wear what you want for underwear, or in your home, something an adoring man should have no problem agreeing to. It will have a profound influence on his mind, as well as give you endless hours of enjoyment, and the satisfaction of knowing he dresses for you. What style should you choose? The answer is whatever pleases you. You need not pick one, or have it be the same all the time. There is a value to wearing a certain style as a sort of uniform of his devotion. No matter what choices you make, dress up your man for pleasure, aesthetics, training, and humility. Presented here are a few common styles. Feel free to have fun and explore!

Panties Every Day
While most women enjoy seeing men in panties, even those that don't can realize the value of him wearing them when not at home. You can always have him take them off at home. Think of it as his uniform of devotion. You will have a softer, more horny, more humble man more in touch with femininity, all of which are of great benefit to you.

Panties at Home
Unless you have company, or some other circumstance that limits you, men should take off their outside clothes when they get to your home. Now you can enjoy your man looking adorable and being a little humiliated to make you happy.

If you don't enjoy men looking pretty, or don't enjoy men to wear women's clothes for you, it's a great idea to forbid him to wear clothes at all. This is a great power move for you that will help him see himself as your sexual object and subserviant devotee.

What better way to humble your man and have him add to the lovely decor of your home than to have your man as your maid. It will certainly help keep his mind on service and keeping up with all the housework he should be doing for you.

Dresses and Skirts
Unless you enjoy feminization and making your man into a sissy with make up and the works, you probably enjoy your man to look like a man. He can still do that while looking pretty and humble in lovely dresses or other ladies wear.

Classic Costume
Sometimes the most basic look is best.

Men's Wear
If you allow your man to wear his clothes at home, it will do little to help train his mind. If you choose this route, you can at least teach him to think about service with outfits that reflect his role.

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