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A few answers to common questions about dressing your man in your FLR

Does having my man in panties suggest that women's clothes are for a submissive and thus demeans women?
It is entirely possible that this warped viewpoint has been the motivation behind men wearing ladies clothing, but it is not the reason so many women have their men in panties these days. Women are strong and in charge and they wear panties, and it takes a strong man to wear them for you, not a weak one. Having your man in chastity wearing panties has many female-positive meanings. First off, they are a symbol of his submission to female leadership, put him in literal and metaphorical touch with the feminine, and along with his chastity belt, surround his 'manhood' with the trappings of your control. Secondly, wearing panties has a generally softening effect on male attitudes in his interactions with others as well as with you, as well as keeping him in a sweeter and sexier mood throughout the day keeping him ready for your uses and pleasures. Thirdly, it is certainly not demeaning for a woman to wear panties, but no matter how open and accepting he is to wear them for you, he would almost certainly be very embarrassed to have other men, or women, discover this fact. This increases his vulnerability towards you, and at the same time his sensitivity towards people of all kinds, a win-win for you and society.

What if he doesn't want to wear panties, or dress in ladies' clothes when I wish?
Just like being submissive to a Lady, and wearing a chastity belt, wearing women's clothes for you takes a strong man, not a weak one. If your man is too insecure to endure the embarrassment of dressing in a way most of society would find humiliating, it is a good thing you are here with chastity, spanking, and ladies' clothes to wear to toughen him up emotionally. You can help him become a strong, confident man who isn't afraid of some pretty clothes. Asking him to dress under his clothes for you, and to dress for you in private is no great sacrifice, and a man who tries to refuse could really use a new perspective. If your man refuses to be your dress up toy, perhaps it is time to consider getting yourself a new one. This is entirely up to you of course, but this issue is usually quite telling of a deeper lack of interest in changing for you, never a good sign.

What if my man wants to wear panties, and seems to enjoy dressing in ladies clothes?
All the better! Your man is perfectly normal, in fact, most males who aren't sexually repressed would love the chance to wear girly clothes, at least some of the time, they just don't believe they have their partner's or society's permission to. You can take that out of the equation and give them what they secretly would enjoy by telling them it is a requirement for you. This not only doesn't make him less of a man, it absolutely makes him more of one. For those men who are open, but don't enjoy it at first, give them time, almost all of them will learn to enjoy it, and will come to feel totally natural wearing their panties. The remaining few will just have to make this small sacrifice for you, if they want to please you and earn your favor, of course.

Do women really keep their men naked at home? Does this make him a nudist?
Many women in FLR absolutely do not allow men to wear clothes in their homes. 'Wearing the pants' is more than just a metaphor, it is an idea you really should give consideration to. Men want to be seen as sex objects just as much as women, they are taught by society that this is unnatural. It is absolutely natural, and while he is being your object, he is also in a total psychological training program, where your every minute together reinforces your superiority and control. Depending on how you define a nudist, it does make him a partial one. Think of him as an indoor-home-nudist, if that helps. In much of culture today, people do not believe it is right to have naked men around the home with children, nor is it legal outside in places neighbors and passers by can see without trespassing. Common sense and respect for sensibilities must sometimes come before dress rules, or any other FLR rule.

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