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Among the more important aspects of a relationship is sexual fulfillment. A FLR is a relationship that can truly deliver the pleasures that you enjoy most. No one can tell you what these pleasures are, you probably already know them, or could discover them with a willing partner who is very horny and very eager to satisfy you. Here are just a few very common pleasures.

Massage and Body Pleasure
Massages, rubs, and bodily attention are stimulating, stress relieving, and very beneficial to physical and mental health.

Chances are he is terrible to mediocre at this. With effort and practice, he can become excellent.

If you haven't enjoyed this pleasure, you should really give it a chance. Many women find this to be one of their favorite ways to be stimulated.

Vibrators and Insertables
As many modern women know, they come in many styles and varieties, and can bring pleasure in ways nothing else can. They are also fully under your control, so you can make sure you are stimulated just how you like, after all who knows better how to please you than you?

Face Harness Dildo
Enjoy penetrative sex with your man without any complaints from him using a face harness. You get to straddle his mind while you straddle his face, and can enjoy having his mouth shut and his cock locked. He gets the privilege of pleasuring you, and getting up close and personal with your privates.

Strap-on Harness Dildo
Strap-ons are great for pegging, but they are also great for your man to wear for you. You get a dildo that you choose, that satisfies you, doesn't come to soon, stays hard, and is larger or more optimally shaped than his penis. Best of all, you can enjoy all the fun of sex with your man, with his penis safely locked up as it should be. You can make love all the ways you are used to while keeping your man horny, eager to please, and entirely at your mercy.

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