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Pegging safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before pegging.

The amount of time you spend pegging is entirely up to you, there is very little holding you back from pegging as often and for as long as you like. The most important factors for you to consider are how long you wish to peg, how hard you wish to peg, the size, shape, and nature of your pegging implement, the experience level of you man, how tight his hole is, and what you wish to accomplish. The more you peg, the better you will be at it, the more you will probably be loving it, and the longer you will probably wish to peg. As with anything in your FLR, doing it just the way you want is the only thing that really matters.

Taking It Easy
Particularly when you are starting your man out with pegging, taking it slow and pegging him easy is the best approach. It will help to keep him more willing by not overwhelming him with discomfort, while simultaneously stretching him out for more vigorous play and larger implements. He will probably have a hard time getting started with it, so remember to be very generous with lubricant, and to restrain him as much as possible. The less he can move about and resist, the easier it will be for him to relax and accept it, which will further reduce his discomfort. Go slow, take it easy, and before you know it he will be used to it enough that you can get down to more advanced pegging. Even long after he can take it longer, harder, and bigger, pegging is one of the main ways that dominant women have sex and make love with their men. If you are having a more relaxed evening of love making, you may choose to go easier and end enjoy low impact pegging as often as you choose.

Stretching It Out
For your pleasure, his training, his punishment, his pleasure, or your entertainment, you will soon be able to stretch it out while you are stretching him out. Pegging can be hours of intimate fun, and the benefits to your dominance that come from extend pegging time are just a huge bonus for all the pleasure and entertainment you can derive from it. This can take the form of anything you choose, from long love making in bed, to bondage situations devoted to pegging itself, to relaxing on the couch watching a show. Pegging is a great way to spoon your man, with you inside his mind as well as his ass. There is really no downside to long duration pegging, so you won't need to hold back from as much as you desire.

Going Hard
Once you get into pegging, and put in a little time teaching him to take your girl cock, and stretching out his boy hole, you will be able to take him hard and fast with ease. Some women prefer to peg their men hard and fast, while others use it primarily for training or punishment. Most women enjoy a mix of slow and fast, gentle and hard, and prefer different styles at different times, or at different stages during a single pegging. You will find the balance that works right for you, and that will almost certainly include some times of hard pegging. Even an experienced man will find a hard pegging to be a mind-blowing, humbling, painful, and also strangely pleasurable experience. All your pegging will have profound effects on your man's mind, but little else shatters the male ego like rough, uncompromising pegging from a woman. The more often you can peg your man hard, the easier it will be to manage him in all aspects of life. Pegging is also a fantastic workout for you, and none more so than vigorous pegging activity. Help yourself to stay in shape by vigorously training your man to take it from you in the rear, a total win-win.

Eliminate Unnecessary Noise
Most men getting pegged will moan, groan, talk back, complain, scream, and cry. When you are first starting out, or advancing to larger toys, it is best to be able to get feedback as necessary from your man about how it feels and what level of discomfort he is experiencing, so you will have to put up with some of the rest in between. As soon as he is at all used to a given size or style, you can safely gag him and shut him up a bit. Just like binding him tightly during pegging, the gag removes some of his ability to resist, in this case, resist vocally, and helps him to accept his position and learn to take it for you. It can be enjoyable to hear a certain amount of his distress, and the gag does not keep you from hearing it, just muffles it to pleasantly helpless sound. Once you are a experienced with pegging yourself, you will be causing him to make noise you can hear through the gag quite clearly, a sure sign you are truly ruling his hole.

New Positions
There are as many pegging positions as there are traditional sex positions. You can look forward to nearly endless fun exploring all the different ways you can peg, and you will certainly go back time and time again to your old favorites. Rediscover well tried positions with different toys, bondage additions, changing locations, and different intensities. You can explore the entire Kama Sutra with one dildo, only to discover the entire book is like new with a different shape, size, or type. Invent your own positions and situations, try all the classics, and explore all the joys of pegging. When you really get into and embrace pegging, you won't find yourself wondering what to do with a slow day.

Peg Him Until He Blows
With enough chastity time, and enough of the right kind of pegging, you can train your man to come from your pegging, inside his chastity cage or unlocked. If this is your intention entirely then the duration of pegging is until he has blown his top. Even if this is not your intention, once you have trained him to come this way, it will probably happen while you are having your fun. There is no need to stop there if you didn't plan on it, just be aware of it's potential. You can absolutely keep right on pegging, and it will be all the more uncomfortable from him since prostate stimulation and release encourages a slight increase in soreness - all that much more memorable for him. If you train him to stay locked in chastity and to only ever come from being pegged by you, you will have successfully achieved role-reversal in his sexual life, easily attainable if you make it your goal.

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