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Pegging safely is important - if you are new please read this page before pegging.

Pegging is a fun, beneficial, and intimate activity for a woman to do to her man, however it is absolutely essential that basic safety is observed, and that you have your partner's consent, one way or another. Here is some basic safety information and answers to questions about getting ready to peg.

Pegging Safety
Step 1 - Clean out his boy hole. The first step in safe pegging is to give him an enema. This will clean out his entry area of all or nearly all waste and nasty material, keeping activity safer, cleaner, and less messy. Anal play is certainly possible without a recent enema, but it is more essential to use a condom and plenty of lube, and important to be careful about the nature of penetration. Anal play without an enema has an increased possibility of irritation or even damage to his internal lining, and while this is usually not serious, the safer you play the better. If you enjoy sometimes, or even all the time, the process of using a bag enema, you certainly can. It provides an additional element of control over him and his body for you to administer it to him in this way, and can be a fun and humiliating experience. Most of the time, most people prefer to use the personal douche, or the disposable enemas that are inexpensive, widely available, and easy for him to self administer. It is best NOT to peg or insert object immediately afterwards, wait a short while, as much as an hour if possible, before proceeding. Unless he has been eating a lot or has some bowel irregularity, your enema should keep the area clean for some time afterwards, making it easy to come back for more later. For optimum toy cleanliness, especially those that cannot be boiled, simply use a condom every time, that way any brown bits that might get stuck on during activity are easy to dispose of.

Step 2 - Lubricate. The bigger the toy, the tighter his hole, and the more you want him to enjoy it at least in some way, the more lubricant you should use. Consult the charts below for information about mixing types of lubricants with different toy materials. Some lubricants should never be used with certain materials, and to avoid unfortunate issues or serious health side effects, it is best to stick with recommended combinations at all times. Never feel like you should hold back on lubrication, there really isn't over lubrication when it comes to anal penetration. Excess will simply leak out, and it's good to have a towel on hand for these activities any way. The more you use, the smoother things will go, and you may have to reapply several times during play for optimum function. You can absolutely use no lube, or have him use his saliva to lube up your toys, but saliva is far less effective, and no lube is a hard ride. For men with tight holes, or without repeated use of a certain size, no lubricant will be extremely uncomfortable, and saliva probably insufficient. If you are trying to get him into it, or simply want him to enjoy some pleasure with his pain, don't start with this route, as that play is for more advanced pegging.

Step 3 - Prepare him for infiltration. Now use a small toy, clean object, or best of all, your gloved fingers to lubricate the inside of his anus and the area around the hole itself. Most of the nerves involved for the man are right down near his opening, and while you certainly do want to stimulate this area in an uncomfortable way, you also want to ease your way in, and build up his comfort a little before you go right at him. This activity is also used for penetration, fun and prostate stimulation, but at this stage you are mostly doing a bit of preparation work. This is usually a quick activity, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it, just as you should every part of your pegging fun. Once you are done, he is physically ready to take what you have to give, if he can handle it!

Anal Fingering and Prostate Stimulation
Beyond lubrication, fingering can be used for prostate stimulation, and even for prostate milking. Knowing a bit about what you are doing will increase your effectiveness if you decide to play with his p-spot.

How do I go about pegging him in the first place?
Just as with chastity, or spanking, the best way to get your man to consent to being pegged is to find a man that is already willing to submit to female authority. If, instead, you get a man that has submissive tendencies, make it clear early in the relationship that pegging is essential to you. Once he is used to regular pegging, there should not be further resistance to the idea.

If your man is like many men and refuses to consent to pegging, you absolutely can and should use your chastity control powers to encourage him to give in. Most men harbor secret desires to be pegged, and while many of them are unaware of it themselves, enough horniness, denial, and desire to please you should be enough encouragement to break down almost any man. If he is submissive enough to accept your chastity control, he will be submissive enough to agree to be pegged. You just have to stick with it and break his resistance.

If you have a functioning FLR with any level of power exchange, your efforts should be minimal. If he has agreed to obey you, and to submit to you in play and the bedroom, you need only insist upon it to get your way. Restrain your man, and tell him resistance is not an option. You will almost certainly get his approval, even if it is unspoken and begrudging.

What if he doesn't enjoy it? What if he tries to back out?
Remember if he is reluctant go easier on him, it will make it easier for him to endure and will get him hooked on the joys of pegging much sooner. It is best if he will relax, it will make it less uncomfortable, but he will probably not be able to for the most part, at least at first. Make sure you let him know that if he follows your directions it may be uncomfortable and a bit painful, but it will not be too much to handle and it is nothing to be afraid of. He isn't supposed to be enjoying it, it is supposed to be strange, humiliating, and 'emasculating'. His discomfort and suffering should be your pleasure, or at least taken as a positive for your mental training of your man. Remember he is also being stimulated in his prostate area and privates, and this subtle enjoyable feeling he will be having at the same time will grow over time and regular pegging. He probably will think he is never going to like it even after a few times, but you can train him, and much easier than you might think. Just go easy, stick with it and stick it in him.

If he has given his consent, but tries to chicken out asking you not to, or tries it but doesn't enjoy it, that is fine. As long as he still submits and consents to let you do your thing, he doesn't have to enjoy it. In fact, if he doesn't enjoy it at all at first, that will help you break him of his will all the more, and increase the power of the activity for you. He is going to accept and enjoy aspects of it eventually, so don't feel bad, and if possible, try to enjoy sticking it to your man against his desire. That alone can be a fun and empowering activity for you.

Unless your man is just too much of a wimp to handle the discomfort of pegging, the main reason men who have tried some pegging but still don't like it is mental, not physical. It is their macho egos getting in the way, or some strange heterosexual male notion of what acceptable sex for a man is, combined with the humiliation of being penetrated. This is an important mental roadblock for you to break down. Remind him that he is doing it for you and to make you happy, and if necessary, that you hold his chastity key. This will help him stay the course and reach the first levels of pegging enjoyment.

He is going to learn to like it, probably even love it. Stick with it, don't let up, and if possible while training, get down to pegging and inserting things into him as often as possible. In no time you will have your man begging to be pegged, which is far better and more worthy of him than begging to be released from chastity for an orgasm that will spoil your training. Teach him to crave your pegging instead and his libido energy will remain at safely high levels, ready to obey and serve you.

What if I don't really enjoy pegging?
It is of course totally your decision whether to peg at all. Try to keep an open mind about it, and find out if it is something you could learn to enjoy. Most women who peg find they enjoy the power, the intimacy, the joy of their partner's submission, and the fun of the act itself. It is a beautiful and wonderful act that is not only stimulating for him, but can be highly stimulating for you. Even if you do not enjoy it, for your good and that of you man, it is still highly recommended that you use some kind of pegging, even if you simply make him put in his own anal plugs, to enhance your chastity control and the strength of your FLR. If you have tried various pegging and do not enjoy it, try always using double-sided dildos, strapless dildos, and vibrating devices to enhance your direct pleasure from pegging. Over time, you might find that you enjoy it a lot more than you ever imagined you would.

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