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How long you rule, in which places and situations, and to what extent is more about the depth of his surrender than anything else. The more advanced your control, the more areas of his life you will dominate. In any female led relationship, the woman is always in full control of the relationship aspects, his chastity belt and releases, your activities in private, and the bedroom. More advanced FLRs involve greater control over a greater areas of your man's life.

Submissive Boyfriends
When dating a submissive boyfriend, you can expect to control his chastity, as well as the nature, structure, and pace of your relationship. You are the director of your activities together, particularly in private, and absolutely in the bedroom. Besides his chastity, your submissive boyfriend controls his own life when not in your presence.

Men as Chastity Slaves
When a man graduates to the level of chastity slave, you take on greater control and responsibility. You can expect to control his chastity, your relationship, all of your activities together, every aspect of your relationship. Most chastity slaves address their owners as 'Mistress' or some other honorific title. You are accepted and expect to control some aspect of his life entire, even if it is only little things here and there. While he still has great freedom when not in your presence, he is always in the role of your slave, and should expect some amount of less freedom over his time, person, or activities.

Total Power Exchange
Less common and certainly more advance is a total power exchange relationship. You are in complete control of your man, all his activities, behaviors, and person, and he surrenders all right of refusal to you. While you need not make every decision, you are allowed the power to make any decision. His time and life are well monitored and controlled. He is not allowed any privacy or independence from you that you do not grant.

Own Him for Life
When you marry or get a lifetime collar from your chastity boy, you own him for life. He is your property, and even if not in a total power agreement, you are basically in charge of however much of life as you please. Chastity husbands are obedient, devoted, attentive, and appreciative, and you can look forward to a lifetime of love and submission.

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