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A few answers to questions you might have about ruling your relationship.

Isn't it natural for men to be the more dominant partner in a relationship?
Quite the opposite in fact. So many men are dominant and women more submissive in relationships for one reason, women allow that to occur. Usually they allow it because that is what the men expect, so women adapt to that role in order to get the men they wish to. Remember that it is women who choose men, and as much as a man might act as though he 'gets' women, this is only true of naturally submissive women, who do of course exist. The majority of women, however, are naturally dominant, in control, and are the real deciders in relationships. For both partners to accept this reality and then truly embrace it is not only more natural, it is less delusional and confused than supposedly male dominated relationships. All of the posturing and maneuvering that other couples have to dance through is eliminated, and the central truth of any relationship is realized and focused in on - that human relationships are about keeping the woman happy.

If my man is already a great partner, why should I dominate his life?
Just as women are naturally dominant in relationships, almost all men are naturally submissive. They act as though they are in command because society expects it of them, and so many women allow them to get away with it. Even those men who are not in touch with their submissive tendencies will take to it far easier than you might imagine. Men are biologically driven to get close to women and to please them. By allowing him to explore the depths of his submission and desire to please women, you will help him release his potential as a man, and to reach new levels of contentment and personal fulfillment. The more you dominate, and the greater the reach of your rule, the more he can achieve a happiness he could not find elsewhere.

If I am pleased with my boyfriend or husband in chastity and serving me, is it necessary to make him my slave?
This question has no one answer for all people. It is entirely up to you, and depends totally on the nature of your life, the personalities of you and your man, and where your relationship is headed. Certainly, you do not need to make him your total slave to enjoy the great benefits of having a devoted and chastised man. Of course, if you can take him to the next level, and wish to, there is no reason why you shouldn't. You should never feel any regrets about total domination of a man, deep down he wants it, and certainly you deserve to be as happy as you can be. It is your life and your relationship, and you should not have to compromise anything when there are so many men out there ready to do whatever it takes to please their Lady.

If I have tried everything, but can't steer my man towards a FLR, what can I do?
Unfortunately, the answer may be nothing. You can't force a man to accept female dominance any more than you can force a man to love you. Chastity, spanking, pegging, dress, and all the rest are training tools, meant to encourage and magnify a man's already existing desire to serve, adore, obey, and submit to a woman. If a man is so repressed he will not allow himself to get in touch with those desires, or if he is so self-centered that he will not allow any shift in his expectations of power over himself, he will resist any and all attempts to bring him to heel. That is why chastity is not only the most vital and important training tool, it is also the benchmark of possibilities. If a man is willing to submit to a chastity belt, and give over orgasm control to a woman, leading him into a FLR is absolutely possible. If he can accept this level of sacrifice and loss of control, he can accept whatever level of female dominance you desire, given the right prompting. Chastity also helps him choose female control, since he will choose to obey you because he wants to be allowed out of his belt more than he cares about what you are asking of him. The more you ask of him, the longer locked and denied, and the greater the teasing is required to get him to agree, but ultimately he will agree. If his love for you is greater than his desire not to be in chastity, he will agree to chastity. If his desire for ejaculation is greater than his desire not to submit to your rules and orders, he will agree to your leadership. If his love isn't enough for that, he won't ever be willing to put your desires first, which is what makes a FLR a reality.

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