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Marking your male property is a wonderful way to ward off intruders, solidify your ownership, humble your man, and bring you a great feeling of power and control. Once he is yours you should institute this at the first opportunity, but start simple, you can always add more later!

Tags and Apparel
The most basic mark is a tag, keychain, or charm that bears your name or symbol. They are easy to get, impermanent, and yet effectively remind him, and anyone else looking where they should not be, of who's property he is. Other fun choices include apparel, like T-shirts, panties, or other wearable items that bear your name.

Body Writing
Body writing or art for fun and dominance is something you may well be doing anyway, but if your man is not yet ready for a more permanent mark, you can start him off by marking him yourself. Try putting your name, symbol, or initials in the same place on him as an ownership mark. It will fade, wash, and wear off, but you can always just sign him again. Remember marking the same spot over and over with marker can be bad for his skin, so if you wish to keep him in optimum condition, it is best to move the mark slightly from time to time.

The tattoo is perhaps the most classic symbol of deep committed ownership or belonging, and no more so than the tattoo of an owned man. Placement, style, and level of elaboration vary, but the feeling of true domination is universal.

Tattoos can be removed, but a slave brand is forever. Once your man is branded your ownership is truly final and complete. Branding is a very memorable experience, incredibly painful but also will give your man a release of endorphins almost unmatched. Branding is not allowed in all states or countries, so make sure to find out before you brand. Branding absolutely should be handled by a trained professional, so don't try it yourself unless you really know what you are doing. Your branded man will have the honor and privilege of wearing your mark for the rest of his life, and it will serve as a constant reminder to him of your dominance and how lucky he is to be yours.

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