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Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking.

Choosing your implement depends on how, why, and from what position you are spanking. Different implements will vary in sting, residual pain, bruising, and accuracy. It is usually best to have a variety of implements, allowing for a wide variety of spankings and effects. You will be able to enjoy the different effects produced by the various implements, as well as the unique effects produced by different combinations of implements. As the spanker, you can look forward to nearly endless fun experimenting and administering all your various options.

The pain level and physical impression of any implement will vary greatly depending on the force used, the angle and distance of the spanker to the one being spanked. Differences in material and specific qualities of a given implement will also factor into effectiveness. Generally speaking, there are four categories of spanking implements, from least to most painful: non-elastic, elastic, stick, and whip.

Non-Elastic: Includes the hand, carpet beater, common household items like spatula, spoon, ruler, sandal, hairbrush, as well as the time tested favorite - paddle.

Elastic: Includes slipper, leather paddle, strap, belt, and tawse.

Stick: Includes stick, switch, crop, and cane.

Whip: Includes whips of all kinds, rope, chord, flail, flogger, and martinet.

Pain Scale
As mentioned, effects will vary, and there is no universal scale or pain and bruising. These scales are, however, generally accurate.

Some examples of items mentioned, although there are of course many other items that can be used that are not discussed here. Using implements that have understood effects increases safety and allows you to spend more time enjoy administering your beatings.


Hand: The original, always on hand, and adds the personal touch. Impact low to mid.

Spatula and Spoon: Impact low.

Ruler and Sandal: Impact low to mid.

Hairbrush: Or any other kind of brush. Basically a miniature paddle, surpassingly effective, particularly for OTK spanking. Impact low to high.

Carpet Beater: Great for adding color even at lower impact, used hard can be quite painful. Impact low to high.

Paddle: A true spanking institution. Get one with holes to seriously increase its effectiveness. Impact mid to high.


Slipper: Impact mid.

Leather Paddle: Effective and widely used for discipline and maintenance spanking. Impact mid to high.

Strap: Powerful, and also widely used for discipline and maintenance spanking. Impact high to extreme.

Belt: Impact high.

Tawse: Among the most painful and effective implements. Impact high to extreme.


Stick and Switch: The oldest spanking tool. Impact mid to high.

Crop: Impact mid to high.

Cane: Not to be trifled with. Impact high to extreme.


Rope and Chord: Varies in effect greatly depending on the material and structure. Impact mid to high.

Flail: Impact mid to high.

Flogger and Martinet: Impact high.

Whip: A number of varieties, all with different marks and types of pain. Impact high to extreme.

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