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Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read this page before spanking.

Consensual spanking is a fun, beneficial, and intimate activity for a woman to administer to her man, however it is absolutely essential that basic safety is observed.

Spanking Safety
It is possible to cause unhealthy damage during spanking if you do not spank in the correct areas. It is also possible to administer very severe spankings without causing permanant or unhealthy damage. In order to allow you to spank to your heart's content, keep in mind basic safety guidelines. It is best to focus spanking on the rear, as the padding of the butt is best cushioned to handle impact. Spreading a spanking around safe areas is best to allow for greater duration. Spanking in safe areas are still safe even with deep bruising or even welts and some bleeding, if the instrument is at all sharp. When using implements that have reach, the angle of spanking becomes also very important. Keeping yourself square to his rear or waste is the safe angle for spanking.

How do I go about spanking him in the first place?
Just as with chastity, the best way to get your man to consent to being spanked is to find a man that is already willing to submit to female authority. If instead you get a man that has submissive tendencies, make it clear early in the relationship that spanking is essential to you. Once he is used to regular spankings, there should not be further resistance to the idea.

If you are introducing spanking to an established relationship, or a new relationship with a reluctant partner, you can apply the same tactics and psychology with which you control a loving man in other ways. Spanking will be a life changing addition to your relationship that will enhance your bond and smooth your interactions. Your man should be eager to endure a bit of discomfort for the huge improvements to your relationship. If he is a strong man he should have no fear of having to endure spanking from his Lady. If he does not want to because it hurts and he doesn't want to handle pain, a good long stint of chastity and denial, or the removal of other perks or delights should help bring him around to a more correct way of thinking on the subject. Once he is used to your spankings, no matter how he felt before, he will become less effected by the pain, and will become subtly addicted to the endorphins that are released by his body during administration.

What if I don't really enjoy making him endure spankings for me?
It is of course totally your decision whether to spank at all. Try to keep an open mind about it, and find out if it something you could learn to enjoy. Most women who spank find they enjoy the power, the intimacy, the joy of their partner's devotion, and the fun of the act itself. It is a wonderful way to release frustration, allow man to absorb some of your stress for you, and to settle relationship tension. Even if you do not enjoy it, for your good and that of your man, it is still highly recommended to enhance your chastity control and the strength of your FLR. Even limited to less regular maintenance spankings that you don't really enjoy, spanking is so beneficial you should still seriously consider it. Over time, you might find you enjoy it a lot more than you ever imagined you would.

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